Some Emerging Guidelines On Deciding On Necessary Issues For Car Diffuser

car diffuser

An F1 car is low to the road, and thus its flat bottom acts as car diffuser a venturi to pinch the air and force it to move faster relative to the air above the car. This pressure differential manifests as increased load on the tires. The angle of the diffuser relative to the ground plays a critical role in its effectiveness. Too steep and the flow separates from the underbody, increasing turbulence and drag. A too-shallow angle lessens the diffuser's ability to create low pressure under the car. When the rear of the car rides higher than the front (rake angle), the entire underbody can act as a diffuser. But, as the rear of the car gets farther from the road, the under-car flow is more likely to be disturbed by air entering from the sides and around the wheels. Vertical fences, called strakes, guide airflow into and out of the diffuser to maximize its efficiency. Carefully placed exhaust pipes can improve a diffuser's efficiency.

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